insect net
How to choose anti insect net for your greenhouse?

The installation of anti insect net can effectively prevent insects from entering the greenhouse. Generally, anti insect net is installed at the air inlet, window, doorway and other openings. The mesh size should be able to effectively prevent insects from entering.

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trellis netting
What is plant trellis netting?

Plant trellis nettingis also called "cucumber net", it is a netthat replaces auxiliary supports such as bamboo poles.Trellis nettingis also an environmentally friendly, woven polyethylene mesh. General plant trellis nettingare antiseptic antioxidant nets that

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construction safety net
Dos and don'ts when using of construction safety net

1. Construction safety net must be hung under the working part of the high place; when the height of the building exceeds 4m, a safety netthat gradually rises with the wall must be set, and then a fixed safety netis set every 4m; in the outer frame and the bridge frame A safet

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mesh bag
Brief introduction of mesh bag

Mesh bag is mainly made of polyethylene, which is extruded, stretched into flat wire, and then woven into mesh bag. This bag can be used for packing vegetables, fruits and other items.

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warning net
Where will warning net be used?

Warning net, also named as safety fence or snow fence, is made of high-density polyethylene as raw material, processed with anti-UV additives, and woven by warp knitting machine.

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deer fence
How much do you know about deer fence?

Plastic deer fence is made of new 100% high-performance polypropylene. Plastic deer fence has the advantages of light weight, strong impact resistance, simple installation, anti-aging and UV resistance.

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bird netting
Application of bird netting in agriculture

Bird netting is a kind of net fabric made of polyethylene and harness wire with anti-aging and anti ultraviolet chemical additives as the main raw materials and drawn. It has the advantages of high tensile strength, heat resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, and easy disposal of waste.

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shade net
Four Benefits of Sun Shade Net Mulching Cultivation to Achieve High, Stable and High-quality Crop Cultivation

The principle of sunshade net mulching cultivation is to optimize the growth environment of covered crops, to resist and mitigate the impact of disastrous weather, and to achieve high, stable and high-quality cultivation of crops by utilizing the functions of sunshade net in summer, cooling, freezing-proof in autumn and winter, and mechanical wind, rain and insect-proof. The main effects of sunshade net mulching cultivation are as follows:

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shading net
How much do you know about shading net?

The main function of shading net is to shade the light and temperature of greenhouse. Covering shading net is an important measure for greenhouse vegetable production in high temperature season. However, if improper shading net is selected, not only will the plant grow longer, but also is not conducive to flowering and fruit setting. Therefore, we must scientifically and rationally select the screen.

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shade cloth
How Important is Appropriate Shade Rate in Vegetable Planting? ( When Choosing Sun Shade Cloth)

when purchasing sun shade cloth, to choose appropriate shading cloth can not only reduce the temperature in the shed around noon, but also improve the photosynthetic efficiency of vegetables.

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shade fabric
Shade fabric for parking lot

Now, another of application of using shade net is for parking lot covering.It can help reduce the temperature up to 80%, prevent your car from sun burnContact us now for the best quotation:☎Hotlline:0086-0311-66178662 or direct line:0086-13103111036Email:sales@sjzqibang.com

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shade net
Agricultural & Horticultural Shade Net

Shade Nets are basically used to provide shade to Green House in Agriculture sector which is the reason why they are also known as Agro Nets(malla raschel). These Green Houses are made out of Iron, Wooden or Plastic skeleton structures which are then covered by shade net as per specific requirements

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Weed Mat
Function and Advantage of Weed Control Mat

Weed control mat inhibits the growth of weeds. Because weed control mat can prevent the direct sunshine on the ground, and use the strong structure of the mat itself to prevent weeds from passing through the mat, so as to ensure that the mat can inhibit the growth of weeds and absorb water and breathe.

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ground cover
What is the application of ground cover?

Ground cover (weed mat) can increase crop yield, improve nutrient utilization rate,keep soil moisture, weed control , prevent soil and nitrogen loss and physical control of insect pests. What are their manifestations?

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weed barrier
What is weed barrier mat?

Weed barrier mat also named Weedmat,Weed Mat, anti grass cloth made of high-quality Polypropylene yarn with Ultra Violet stabilized properties. Black weed barrier mat mat prevents any sunlight penetration. As such, it inhibits any weed growth. Being woven and hence porous, water and nutrients can pass through.

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