shade net
How should we cover shade net when planting?

When covering shade net, we should strengthen the management of shade net according to the change of weather and different period of plant growth. Plant should be covered all day before the emergence, after the emergence we should uncover shade net in the...

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shade netting
Why are there different colors of shade nets?

For shade net, the colors exert little influence on the price of shade nets. But the different colors could help us to achieve the desired properties, because they allow us to shape the wavelength of solar radiation, the type of lighting, the manner of its distribution and its intensity.We take...

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shade net
How should we choose the correct shade rate when buying shade cloth?

Shade cloth is woven or knitted in different densities. We call the densities of shade clothas“Shade Rate”. The difference in shade rate lets different amounts of sunlight to penetrate, which means that the shade rateof cloth you choose, blocks out that percentage of the sun.Ther

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sunshade net
Why should sunshade net keep certain distance with greenhouse film?

It is suggested that the distance between sunshade net and greenhouseshed filmshould be 0.5-1m.With this distance,the air flow can accelerate the heat loss in the greenhouse, sothe effect of shading andcooling is better.If shading net is very close to green

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sunshade net
When purchasing shading net, should the number of needles be used as the standard ?

Question:Some people say that when purchasing sunshade net, it is based on the number of needles. Is that true? Why did I buy 3 needles sometimeslooks so dense, like 6 needles effect, whether it is related to the materials used?Answer:when purchasing, you shouldconfirm&

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shade net
Climate change pushes Kenyan farmers to choose shade net

Until the middle of last year, Mutua was using the structure to grow a variety of crops that include tomatoes, capsicum and cucumbers for sale.But he was in January forced to replace the greenhouse polythene cover with a shade net after suffering several crop losses.

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cucumber net
Cucumber Climbing netting is also named plant support netting

Cucumber netting,also named plant support netting or trellis netting, is a kind of polypropylene mesh with UV stabilizer and anti-oxidant. A strong but lightweight polyethylene net, ideal for vertical and horizontal support for

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construction safety net
Introduction of Construction Safety Net

Construction safety net are commonly known as building safety protection netting. Construction safety net are generally used in construction projects, and their role is mainly for the purpose of building site safety protection. It can effectively prevent the free fall of various objects on

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shade net
Classification of Shade Net

Round wire shade net : Sun shade net is knitted with the warp and weft threads by warp knitting machines.If the warp and weft threads are woven by round wire, it is a round-wire sunshade net. As shown...

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ground cover
How much do you know about garden ground cover fabric?

Ground cover fabric is generally made of plastic or cloth. It works by stopping the supply of sunlight to the weeds, thereby killing them. A high quality ground cover fabric will suppress the growth of weeds, while at the same time providing...

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mesh bag
Production technology of vegetable mesh bag

Technological processof mesh bag 1.mixing of main raw materialsand auxiliary raw materials2.melting extrusion to film3.cooling, splitting into strips4.stretching orientation to produce flat wire5.winding on the bobbin, making into spindle ...

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warning net
Warning net is an economical temporary safety fence

Warning net is widely used as an economical temporary safety fence. It is perfect for construction projects, sports, special events, crowd control, and public safety. A low-cost alternative to traditional fence, this kind of safety fence is a perfect

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deer fence
What is the characteristic of deer fence in use?

1. Deer Fence is virtually invisible against landscaping due to its consistent, UV stabilized black color.2. It is used for controlling deer and the deer tick population in your yard and garden.3. Deer fence is recommended for areas which experience light to moderate deer traffic.

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mist net
Export shipments of bird mist netting

Bird mist netting is widely used in agricultural planting to protect fruits, vegetables and crops from birds.Specification of mist netting 1.Type: monofilament, multifilament 2. Colour: black 3. Material: a) Nylon: 0.08mm, 0.11mm,0.16mm b) Polyster: 75D/2Ply,110D/2Ply

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bird net
How to choose the ideal bird netting for your orchard?

At present, there are many kinds of bird net in the market, with different quality and different price. When choosing bird net, we should first consider the color of bird net, and then consider the size of mesh, the length of netand the service life of net.

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