shade net
Four Benefits of Sun Shade Net Mulching Cultivation to Achieve High, Stable and High-quality Crop Cultivation

The principle of sunshade net mulching cultivation is to optimize the growth environment of covered crops, to resist and mitigate the impact of disastrous weather, and to achieve high, stable and high-quality cultivation of crops by utilizing the functions of sunshade net in summer, cooling, freezin

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Weed Mat
Function and Advantage of Weed Control Mat

Weed control mat inhibits the growth of weeds. Because weed control mat can prevent the direct sunshine on the ground, and use the strong structure of the mat itself to prevent weeds from passing through the mat, so as to ensure that the mat can inhibit the growth of weeds and absorb water and breathe.

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vegetable netting
Plant Support Netting Helps to Save Money and Increases Harvest

In the past, when growing the vegetables, the rattan began to grow slowly, it is necessary to find a lot of bamboo poles to erect, and help the rattan to facilitate climbing rattan.Bamboo poles will become crisp and aging after wind and sun. But now, only few bamboo poles, plus plant support netting, can produce more vegetables than before.

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anti insect netting
Attentions Before and After Covering Anti insect Netting

Anti insect nettingis like window screen, with high tensile strength, anti-ultraviolet, heat, water, corrosion, aging and other properties, non-toxic and tasteless, the service life is generally 4-6 years, up to 10 years. It not only has the advantages of sunshade net, but also overcomes

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construction safety net
Why is the color of construction safety net not red or yellow but green

Why is the color of construction safety net not red or yellow but green

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Weed Control Mat

Weed Control Mat-WHAT IS WEED CONTROL MATWEED CONTROL MAT also namedWeedmat,Weed Mat, anti grass clothmade of high-quality Polypropylene yarn with Ultra Violet stabilized properties. This black color mat prevents any sunlight penetration. As such, it inhibits any weed growth. Being woven

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shade nets
Agricultural & Horticultural Shade nets

Shade Nets are basically used to provide shade to Green House in Agriculture sector which is the reason why they are also known as Agro Nets(malla raschel). These Green Houses are made out of Iron, Wooden or Plastic skeleton structures which are then covered by shade net as per specific requirements

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