How should we choose the correct shade rate when buying shade cloth?


Shade cloth is woven or knitted in different densities. We call the densities of shade cloth as “Shade Rate”. The difference in shade rate lets different amounts of sunlight to penetrate, which means that the shade rate of cloth you choose, blocks out that percentage of the sun.Therefore, what you grow will help determine the shade rate you need.


As we all know, sunlight is so crucial to a plants’ growth, so please choose the right density and as low density as you can.  


Usually a shade rate of 30-50% is ideal for vegetables, while 80-90% is ideal for sheltering people. Most plants will do best with a maximum of 40% -60% shade. However, when growing some shade loving plants such as orchids and some ferns, 75% or higher maybe needed to get correct light levels.

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