Why should sunshade net keep certain distance with greenhouse film?


It is suggested that the distance between sunshade net and greenhouse shed film should be 0.5-1m. With this distance,the air flow can accelerate the heat loss in the greenhouse, so the effect of shading and cooling is better.


If shading net is very close to greenhouse film, the heat absorbed by shading net can be easily transferred to the greenhouse film, and then transferred into the greenhouse, finally the cooling effect will be poor.


Moreover, clinging to greenhouse film will stop the heat release from shade net, it will increased the temperature of shade net, and then will accelerate its aging .


Therefore, when using sun shading net, it is necessary to make greenhouse film and sunshade net keep the appropriate distance.For that, you can use steel wire to support sunshade net above the greenhouse. For more inquires, welcome to contact with us:  

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