When purchasing shading net, should the number of needles be used as the standard ?



Some people say that when purchasing sunshade net, it is based on the number of needles. Is that true? Why did I buy 3 needles sometimes looks so dense, like 6 needles effect, whether it is related to the materials used?



when purchasing, you should confirm first if it is round wire shading net, or flat wire shading net.

The number of needles and the shading rate can be used as the standard for general flat wire shading net. For example, for the same 3-pin shading net, the density of 50% shading and 70% shading is not the same. With the same 70% shading rate, a 6-pin screen would be denser than a 3-pin screen because the 6-pin screen is made of more material. Therefore, the purchase should be combined with the number of needles and shading rate to choose.


About round wire sunshade net, it is usually 6 needle, you could choose only according to shade rate. 

Other shading net, such as aluminum foil shading net, black and white shading net, are also 6 needles mostly. They are based on shading rate to choose too.

Note: Round wire is like fishing line, while flat wire is flaky. Their production process is different, round wire is extruded, flat wire is to make a complete sheet of netting cut into a small, and then after weaving.

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