Cucumber Climbing netting is also named plant support netting


       Cucumber climbing netting, also named plant support netting or trellis netting, is a kind of polypropylene mesh with UV stabilizer and anti-oxidant.


       A strong but lightweight polyethylene net, ideal for vertical and horizontal support for climbing plants and vegetables:

          1. When used vertically, cucumber netting can uphold even the heaviest of crops such as cucumbers, peas and beans. 

          2. When used horizontally, it will provide support for flowers such as chrysanthemums, carnations and long stemmed roses. Successive layers can be added to allow for   extra security as plants mature.


       Cucumber netting is corrosion resistant,and no any damage to plants and vegetables. The large mesh makes the plant has enough air circulation and sunlight. It can   ensure the plants grow healthily and make a big harvest finally.


       Cucumber netting is easy to install, dismantle and store. 

trellis net.jpg