Introduction of Construction Safety Net


Construction safety net are commonly known as building safety protection netting. Construction safety net are generally used in construction projects, and their role is mainly for the purpose of building site safety protection. It can effectively prevent the free fall of various objects on the construction site, thereby creating a buffer effect. Therefore, it is also called "closed-mesh construction safety net".


The quality of construction safety net is proportional to the density. The higher the density, the lower the transparency of netting, the better the quality and the higher the security.


Material: polyethylene

Mesh density: ≥2600 mesh

Impact resistance: 100Kg sand bag with 1.5m height impact on the mesh body, the impact fracture straight line length ≤200mm or curve length ≤150mm.

Specifications: 1.8m × 6m, 1.5m × 6m

Features : high strength, light weight, heat insulation and ventilation, light transmission and fire prevention, dust and noise reduction.

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