Production technology of vegetable mesh bag


Technological process of mesh bag 

1. mixing of main raw materials and auxiliary raw materials 4. stretching orientation to produce flat wire
2. melting extrusion to film5. winding on the bobbin, making into spindle
3. cooling, splitting into strips6. weaving process to produce weaving cloth


Raw material of mesh bag 

1. Main raw materials:polypropylene (PP), sometimes high-density polyethylene (HDPE), linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) or their blends. 
2. Auxiliary raw materials:masterbatch (calcium filler), colorant and other modifiers, such as antioxidant, lubricant, etc.

Equipment of mesh bag

1. Main equipment: extruder, drawbench, Winder 

2. Auxiliary equipment: mixing machine, waste recycling equipment etc

 raschel mesh bag.jpg vegetable mesh bag.jpg 

Technical key of mesh bag

The production technology of flat wire or split film wire is the most critical technology in plastic weaving technology.


Main technical objectives of mesh bag

1. temperature and pressure control of extruder5. relative breaking force
2. flow control6. control of cracking elongation
3. temperature control of cooling, stretching and heat treatment7. output value and output ratio
4. draft ratio of flat wire8. energy consumption

Weaving technology of mesh bag 

Weaving flat wire into cloth by interweaving warp and weft: As for tube fabric, it is woven by circular loom. There are many spindles on the warp frame of the circular loom. According to the width of weaving cloth and the width of flat yarn, regular size and quantity of warp are used. Before the warp enters the circular loom, the warp is interleaved by the brown frame of the warp, and the weft shuttle moves through the warp in a circular motion in the interleaved opening to weave into a tube fabric


Production target of of mesh bag

Main objectives of weaving production technology:Weaving density, width, tensile strength, unit area component of weaving fabric etc

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