How to choose the ideal bird netting for your orchard?


        At present, there are many kinds of bird net in the market, with different quality and different price. When choosing bird net, we should first consider the color of bird net, and then consider the size of mesh, the length of net and the service life of net.


1. Choice of Color

The colored bird net can reflect red or blue light through sunlight, forcing birds not to approach. It can not only prevent birds from pecking fruit, but also prevent birds from colliding into the net, playing the role of driving out and preventing birds without hurting them. Because birds are more alert to red, yellow, blue and other colors, it is recommended that yellow bird net be used in mountain hills, blue and orange bird net are mainly used in plain areas, instead of transparent screens, which do not have the function of driving away. Birds are easy to hit the net, which not only damages birds but also the bird netting. 


2. Choice of Mesh and Length

There are many specifications of bird prevention net, and the mesh size can be selected according to the types of local birds. For example, small individual birds such as sparrow can be selected as the main part, and 2.5-3cm × 2.5-3cm mesh can be selected; large individual birds such as magpie and dove can be selected as the main part, and 3.5-4.0cm × 3.5-4.0cm mesh can be selected. Generally, the wire diameter of bird net is 0.25 mm. The net length can be purchased according to the actual size of the orchard. The length of online products in the market is about 100-150 m and the width is about 25 m, so it is better to cover the whole orchard.

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