How is Appropriate Shade Rate Important in Vegetable Planting? ( When Choosing Sun Shade Netting)


1. When vegetable growers purchase shading nets, they should first make clear how high the shading rate they need for their shed.

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2. In summer, under direct sunlight, the light intensity can reach 60,000-100,000 lux. For vegetables, the light saturation point of most vegetables is between 30,000-60,000 lux, such as hot pepper: 30,000 lux, eggplant:40,000 lux and cucumber: 55,000 lux.

3. Excessive light will have a great impact on vegetable photosynthesis, resulting in carbon dioxide absorption hindered, excessive respiratory intensity and so on. This is how the phenomenon of photosynthesis "noon break" occurs under natural conditions.

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4. Therefore, when purchasing sun shad net, to choose appropriate shading net can not only reduce the temperature in the shed around noon, but also improve the photosynthetic efficiency of vegetables.

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