Why is the color of construction safety net not red or yellow but green


        When you pass the construction site, do you find that there will be a large number of construction safety nets around the building, and they are all green. What is the purpose of using this kind of construction safety net in a large area at the same time?

safety netting (3).jpg

        First of all, this kind of construction safety net is called close-eyed safety net. It is a very safe polyethylene product. It is strong and can prevent accidents caused by falling of people or objects. In addition, it can also prevent building dust to a certain extent. When workers are working at high altitudes, they will slip from the top because they work for more than ten hours continuously. In order to protect their lives, construction safety net is indispensable.

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        At the same time, some building materials will inevitably fall off during the construction. If these things fall down, they may injure passers-by, cats, dogs, trees and so on. But with construction safety net, there will be no such worry. And if there is no construction safety net in the construction process, there will always be some idle miscellaneous people who want to go in to see not only delay the time limit, but also dangerous. Considering various factors, it is necessary to install.

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        So why is construction safety net this particular color? Everyone knows that the workload of builders is very large every day, usually for more than ten hours. If the color of construction safety net is too conspicuous, it will distract people's attention and delay their work. But the color of construction safety net should not be too dim, because in dim conditions, people's work efficiency will be reduced, and may also make people drowsy. And green color of construction safety net is just gentle so that people do not have too much discomfort, so that they can work at ease, without delay.