Function and Advantage of Weed Control Mat


1. Weed control mat inhibits the growth of weeds. Because weed control mat can prevent the direct sunshine on the ground, and use the strong structure of the mat itself to prevent weeds from passing through the mat, so as to ensure that the mat can inhibit the growth of weeds and absorb water and breathe.

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2. Remove the surface water in time and keep the surface clean. The drainage performance of the mat guarantees the rapid discharge of surface water, so the pebble layer under the mat and the medium sand layer can effectively inhibit the reverse osmosis of soil particles, thus ensuring the clean surface of the mat and the long-term corrosion resistance of soil and water with different acidity and alkalinity.

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3. Weed control mat is also called anti-grass cloth.

It is conducive to the growth of plant roots and prevents root decay. The weaving and laying structure of weed control mat guarantees that no water accumulates in the roots of crops, and makes the air in the roots fluidity to a certain extent, thus preventing root decay and preventing pests and diseases.

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4. Weed control mat is used in water conservancy, dyke, road repair, airport and environmental protection projects, and has the effect of filtration, drainage and so on. Weed control mat has good water permeability and good water permeability. 

5. Weed control mat, high strength, disease and insect pest prevention, which is helpful to the growth of crops.

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