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anti bird net
Extruded Bird Netting

Introduction of Anti Bird Netting

Anti bird netting is made of extruded plastic mesh knitted in 15x15mm, 20x20mm or 30x30mm meshes.


Specification of Anti Bird Netting

1. Material: PE,PP with UV Protection and Nylon
2. Hole Type: square or diamond
3. Mesh size: 15mm, 20mm or 30mm or other sizes.
4. Weight : 8-30
5. Width: 1m to 12 m

6. Length: 5 to 1000m or as your choice.


Application of Anti Bird Netting

1. Humane solution for protecting crops, orchards, ponds and other areas from nuisance birds and pests

2. Being used in vertical, horizontal or diagonal applications

3. To protect individual trees, shrubs and small gardens

4. Ideal for vines, bushes, plants, orchards, and small trees

5. Ideal for zero-tolerance zones – providing a bird deterrent protective barrier

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