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construction safety net
Construction Safety Netting

Introduction of Construction Safety Netting

Construction safety netting in case of dropping of building materials or work staff,using construction netting surround whole building,protecting high space work staff and walking man,also keep clean working place.

 Specification of Construction Safety Netting

1. Material:HDPE,PE 

2. Colors: green,black,orange,gray,blue,white 
3. Packing by rolls:
    a) Roll Width: 1-6m
    b) Roll Length:50-200m/roll
4. Packing by sheets:
    a) Sheet Width: 1.2m,1.5m,1.6m,1.8m,2m 
    b) Sheet Length:5m,6m per sheet
5. Package: 5pcs,10pcs or 20pcs/bundle

Application of Construction Safety Netting 

1. Sided buildings and scaffolds netting       2. Vertical/horizontal debris netting           3. Sand blast curtains                                      

4. Scaffold enclosures                                     5. Vision barrier                                             6. Wind protection
7. Protects pedestrians(not to be used as personal netting)

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