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Plastic Deer Fence

Introduction of Deer Fence

1. Deer Fence is a great alternative to wire and electric fences, it is a virtually           invisible barrier made from Polypropylene plastic.
2. Deer fence is U.V protected and will not rust,with black color it will last for              several seasons. 
3. With plastic material, it offers you a practical and low cost fencing solution for        keep your gardens from deers or other animals. 
4. Deer Fence has proven successful in protecting plants,widely used in                   gardens,farms, wild fields.
5. Environmentally safe, Earth friendly, low impact deer fencing can give you up        to 10 years or more of reliable fencing protection. 
6. High density, impact resistant plastic deer fence won't show rust stains like            metal fencing.
7. Plastic material is more environmentally and a safe, humane alternative to             wire metal.

Specification of Deer Fence

Feature of Deer Fence

1. Material: PP,PE, can contain UV protection

2. Color: white, black, green
3. Mesh Size: 3-100mm
4. Width: 1m-4m
5. Weight: 9-80g/sqm
6. Length: Can be customized

1. Good flexibility and high tensile strength

2. Aging resistanc corrosion-resisting 

3. Tough, durable,long-life and no rust

4. Easy to install and maintain for permanet fencing

5. Virtually invisible when installed

6. Blends naturally into any landscape

Application of Deer Fence

1. Keep your landscape and garden areas protected from deer, rabbits,birds and other animals

2. Protects fruits, berries,vegetables and crops

3. Suitable as a fence, plant cover or border

4. Protect your trees, plants and vegetables from harm

5. Provide a visual fence to keep the deer out of the garden area

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