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Anti Insect Netting

Introduction of Anti Insect Netting

1. Anti insect netting,also named insect protection mesh nets, is made of mono filaments and UV stabilized.

2. Anti insect netting is a new material to prevent the vegetable pests in the field.

3. Anti insect netting can be used for shade houses (insect net houses) and greenhouses.

4. Anti Insect neting not only has the function of preventing insect, but also has the function of sun shading.

Application of Anti Insect Netting

1. Apply for vegetable growth ,yield ,good ventilated permeability.

2. Anti insect netting can prevent hail ,windy ,ultraviolet radiation.

3. Anti insect netting can prevent insect invasion ,for instance ,aphids,coccinella septempunctata etc.

Specification of Anti Insect Netting

1. Material: high quality polyethylene.                        2. Mesh: 16mesh,22mesh,24mesh,30mesh,  50mesh,40mesh,60mesh,70mesh 

3. Weight: 50-150 g/sqm.                                              4. Width: 0.9-5 m

5. Length: up to your request                                       6. Color: white ,grey,blue,yellow 

7. Features: with tension, heat-resistant, water resistant, corrosion resistant, non-toxic, tasteless, collection.

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