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Bird Mist Netting

Introduction of Bird Mist Netting

Mist netting is made of multifilament or monofilament. It is almost invisible after installing. Mist netting is used in preventing birds and protecting crops.

Specification of Bird Mist Netting

1. Mesh size: 14*14mm , 15*15mm, 20*20mm,25*25mm,       


2. Width & Length : 2.5*6m, 2.5*9m, 2.5*12m, 2.5*15m, 

                                   3*6m, 3*9m, 3*12m, 3*15m, 6.5x20m

3. Pockets number: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 

Monofilament mist bird netting

Multifilament mist bird netting

Material: polyster

Mesh Size: 15mm,20mm,or 30mm

Color: Black,White,Green

Width: 1.8-10M or above

Length: 10-100M

Pocket: 2-15pocket



Mesh:14mmx14mm also have 16mm and 18mm mesh for chose

Denier:70d/2ply or 110d/2ply for chose

Pockets:as usual our netting has 4pockets, other qty as client’s requested


Quality Promise:5-7years

nylon net.jpg

Application of Bird Mist Netting

10-24mm: Used for very small birds such as hummingbirds, kinglets, bushtits, marsh hens, and small warblers.
30mm     : Used for birds such as wrens, creepers, nuthatches, and wood warblers in general.
36mm     : Used for birds with greater sizes, such as small shorebirds, most passerines, tanagers, small thrushes, flycatchers and other small birds.
61mm     : Used for medium size shorebirds, towhees, blackbirds, jays, thrashers, small owls, sparrow hawks, sharp-shinned hawks, doves, grackles, and the larger thrushes.

121mm   : Used for grouse, large shorebirds, and small to medium size ducks and hawks.

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