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Perlite sand as slag remover

Introduction of perlite sand

1. Perlite sand is used for slag removal and heat preservation in casting.

2. Perlite sand is used to remove impurities in molten iron and molten steel in casting.

3. The main size of perlite sand are 20-30 mesh, 30-50 mesh and 50-70 mesh.

Functions of perlite sand

1. It is mainly used to collect the non-melting substances on the surface of iron aqueous solution to make it easy to remove and to ensure the purity of iron aqueous solution.

2. It can also be used as a high-quality thermal insulation covering agent and slag-holding material. It has a thick thermal insulation layer and excellent slag-holding performance. It can also effectively insulate the air and prevent the secondary oxidation of iron aqueous solution. 

Chemical Composition and Physical Property

SiO2 (%)


Moisture (%)


AL2O3 (%)



Soluble in high concentration thermokalite

CaO (%)




Fe2O3 (%)


Bulk density (Kg/M3)


K2O (%)


Weight loss (%)


MgO (%)


Softening point ()


Na2O (%)


Fusion point ()


TiO2 (%)


Specific gravity (g/ml)


Features of perlite slag remover

1. It does not burst, spreads quickly and evenly, and has strong slag aggregation ability.

2. Slag discharge is simple, leaving no scattered floats, not sticking to the package, not damaging the package wall and furnace wall.

1. It could effectively prevent of slag inclusion defects in castings, improve the internal quality of castings, improve the yield of castings, reduce production costs; simple method of use, reduce labor intensity of workers, improve production efficiency.

2. It could preserve heat and reduce the loss of alloy elements.

3. It could reduce harmful elements such as phosphorus and sulfur in liquid metal.

4. By contacting with hot metal, it is stable, non-splashing, non-toxic and  tasteless, does not produce smoke and dust, and does not affect human health. 

Dosage of perlite sand

The amount of perlite sand is generally 1-3 kg per ton of metal solution, which can be increased or decreased according to the size of melt area, temperature and impurity content of smelting metal.

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