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PVC Fireproof Mesh Sheet

Introduction of  PVC Fireproof Mesh Sheet

- Fireproof PVC Mesh Sheet is reprocessed by PVC Fireproof Mesh Fabric.

PVC Fireproof Mesh Fabric is made of High-strength polyester fabric and coated with pvc, then blow holes with high pressure and drying it to be PVC Mesh Fabric,which has attractive features of fire retardant, high-strength, durable, light and easy to carry.

- Mesh Sheet is made through cutting, hemming, sewing and adding eyelets (Aluminum or Brass) with different sizes.

- PVC Mesh Sheet has been widely used as Scaffolding Safety Protection Netting in building constructions.

Features of  PVC Fireproof Mesh Sheet

- Excellent fire retardant 

- Very high -strength and durable .

- Light and easy to carry .

Applications of  PVC Fireproof Mesh Sheet

- To be used as scaffolding covers in the building construction 

Technical data of  PVC Fireproof Mesh Sheet


250D/4*24, 420D/16*15,500D/18*17,1000D/14*14,1500D/11*11




black,grey ,blue,green

Ordinary sizes 


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